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Shantinagar is an old neighborhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This group has been opened for all of those who presently live or once lived, or somehow has concerns related to Shantinagar.

Adjacent Neighborhoods: Kakrail, Baily Road, Malibagh, Shahjahanpur, Paltan and Shiddheshwari.
Area: Above 106 acres (43 hectares)
Parliamentary Constituency: Dhaka-6
Municipal Constituency: Ward No. 36
Telephone Exchange: Maghbazar T&T Exchange
Police Station: Paltan Thana
Post Code: 1217

"Spirit Of Shantinagar" AKA "SOS" The group has been created with new ages people [SaaD FahiM SauraV IrfaN] of Shantinagar in October 29,2009.
The aim of this group is to hold the friendship,do something different by our own expose & show our creative hidden talent in front of the world . There are many sectors in the group:

Music Sector :(TribaL EssencE)
Creative Sector :(ExpressivE Graphic Design & PhotographY)

Sports Sector : (T3am Spirit)
Media Sector & Studio :: (CreativeHomeMade)
Online Gaming : (
Antaranga Online Gaming | T [H] C )
Online Business :
( D.O.S-BD , S.T.S-BD , G.G.O.S-BD )

Founders :
Saad Bin Taiyab [
Shaikh Imtiaj
Saurav Saha

Irfan Chowdhury
Founded :
October 29, 2009
Mission :
Do something Diffrent...!!!
Best Social Group of Shantinager.

The best thing of the group is holding the friendship.We never let our friend go,we calls meeting if we faces problems between us, n we share our feeling there,so the understanding goes strong between us.The work of this group is different from other groups .If anyone have any kind of creative thinking,they can share with us and we will try our best to do it in their way.Because it’s not only about Shantinagar ,it’s about our country also.
NO MATTER WHAT. WE EVERYONE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING IN THEIR LIFE.Some of us have some creative ideas,and sometimes they makes something special.But sometimes we don't have an opportunity to expose our creative ideas in front of the crowds or in front of the world. Whatever people makes ,it isn't a simple thing or little thing,it's obviously a special thing. Because they spend a lot of time to create it.They have use their brain their talent on it to create the thing. We should not neglect their talent,we should inspire them to do some thing more. Something special.And for helping them to expose their hidden talent in front of the world.So we've made a group which is known as
"Spirit Of Shantinagar" AKA "SOS"

General Information:

Şaad ßin Taiyab aka ŞßƬ (President/CEO)

Irfan Chowdhury (Vice President/CAO)